about fan young and the greatest ss19 @ hera seoul fashion week


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This October we had the pleasure to cover for the first time Hera Seoul Fashion Week SS19 and we are sooo happy to share with you our experience and of course shows reviews :), we discovered so much inspiring and talented designers.

Thank you to our dear regular contributor Seri Lee(editor&stylist) and the hall team Sandra Motallebi (editor) and photographers Myra, Min Jeong and Nam Huynh for catching the best of the best of this week.


about fan young and the greatest ss 19

These two shows were presented on the same runway with Fan Young presenting first and The Greatest immediately after.

*Fan Young

*Whole concept of collection
A mix of sleek tailoring and deconstructed layers, this high street collection is somehow both classic and intriguing. With a neutral palette and pops of primary colour, the distinctly sleek layering of the collection was emphasised by the way the garments were deconstructed and then held together by drawstrings and straps. The technical side of creating these complex, protective looking pieces is both interesting and impressive.

*Favourite piece

The most interesting piece I noticed on the runway was the open jacket on the models back, uniquely worn almost as a backpack. cut out white shirts
Also quite unique, the two white cut out shirts, showed advanced technical pattern making skills.

*The Greatest

*Whole concept of collection
With a distinctly laid back vibe that layered luxurious jackets and flowing printed shirts with structured shorts, The Greatest presented a unique, aesthetically calming collection.

*Details from the collection

The fabrics used throughout the collection acted as canvases of various art techniques, from colourful paint splashes and detailed patterning to marble textures.

*Favourite piece

I appreciated the harmonious play of tone, fabric and garment length of the cropped trench coat fabric jacket and shorts outfit.

Interesting to see the connections between the two collections, both collections used unique wire facial jewellery, adding a hardness to the otherwise delicate faces of the models.

Each designer showed deconstruction in different ways, Fan Young with pattern-making and The Greatest with PVC.

*photos by Myra   Min Jeong

*Fan Young 


*The Greatest