Blossom editorial for YokoMag, starring Tara Oefinger for Campbell Models by Phi Vu.

Fresh and natural beauty story on exclusive for YokoMag photographed by Ion Jairo, starring Lotta from View Management and Alexandre Vieirra on make up and hair.

*All skin care preparation for every look was made with Aveda products:

Botanical Kinetics hydrating treatment lotion 

Tulasara bright concentrate serum

Tulasara wedding masque Eye

Tulasara Renew morning creme

A beautiful master piece photographed by Anait Grigoryan + Alvaro Gracia and styled by Zhanna Shaporenko starring Linde Torenvlied  at The Fabbrica Milano for YokoMag.

Lazy sundays with this boys are beautiful sundays.

Sublime palette, Beige and Moutarde by Edison Ravelaz exclusive editorial for YokoMag

This feeling of people being “trapped” verbally, visually, orally, not being able to speak out for fear of reprisals or worse, being "trapped" by social media and the pressures to conform to what is currently being seen as "popular". A beautiful beauty editorial by Matt Monfredi and Alexis Day on exclusive for YokoMag.

Dual a beautiful encounter by Tine Bek

Impasto exclusive editorial for YokoMag by Peter Wise.

A beautiful palette on Shine on you by Jospehine Leddet for YokoMag.