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– editorial: transavanguardia –

#transavanguardia – the gender of avant-gardism


#transavanguardia is an empirical way through the realities of Belarusian art, fashion, photography, tolerance and gender stereotypes in society. This series of images is the first visual step of gender equality in the Belarusian media space.



Photographer. Yana Tolopilo 

Art Direction & Styling. Andrey Chesnokov 

Make up.  Lyuba Kniga 

Hair artist. Sergey Belyavsky 
Retouch: Natalia Kritskaya

Model. Diana Ramon 

Accessories. B L I S K A V I C A & B L I S K A V I C A by My Muse 

Jacket & Socks – c o u n t e r c u l t 

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