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Make it loud,

make it strong,

it's your voice

we want to hear

Plato had a concept that all objects of the material world starts from the world of ideas. This is some kind of unimaginable space with the prototypes of all potentially existing things and concepts. It turns out that any process of searching for new meanings and forms is a person's contact with the world of ideas and fishing out the necessary image from there. It turns out that each of us can create an environment on our own, because everything comes from our secret expectations that ultimately appears in front of us.

Let your blood start to burn.

Fever by Vasily Ovchinnikov

There is a place, like no place on earth.

A land full of wonder...

Tanya Serbina @ Fifth Models makes our heart beat faster.

Beautiful story, beautiful team.

A chemical bond is an attraction.

Assuming a perfect stance.

Beautiful Monika Karwowska @ MMG by Anai Bharucha

When african culture and pop art movement make a magical and exquisite combination. Enjoy!

Perceptual transparency is the phenomenon of seeing one surface behind another, thank you wikipedia for this definition.

But this editorial is more than words it's an experience.