– editorial: delirium –

Many times we force our own ego to be part of a parallel world, where the only matters is to fix in a monochrome society. We let our mind takes advantage of what she wants but not what our soul feels or even thinks; if we look the pass from our childhood to be an adult, we were forced to believe in a human cycle, you born, you live and you died.

Sometime we forgot that live is not only that we’re living in; live can be everything or anything no matter how long can be, is beyond. We don’t decide from where we come from or who our parents are going to be, we were forced to live inside a machine that they call body. However, they forgot that the machine can expired anyway and it cannot define who we really are, our soul can’t recognized the past and future, it lives in one present but our machine does. That’s why the machine expires, because is a part of the human cycle where everything was designed to have an end.

We never end, our mind never ends and the only thing that ends is our selfish, ridiculous and material human cycle when de machine decides to expire.

But our soul still alive in the real world…. Delirium… bajo el lente de Andrés Gonzalez en exclusiva para YokoMag desde Valencia, Venezuela.




Fotografía. Andrés Gonzalez

Styling.  Grexia Maldonado

Pelo & Make Up. Roma Coronado

Modelo. Mariacarlota Arcay

Locación. Valencia, Venezuela