– maison mess –

Maison Mess is a beautiful coincidence between two persons (Clau Rojas & Laura Hernández) who wants to express the nostalgic elegance of the 80s postpunk, believing in freedom of independence. « Our first mess happened while we was dancing with a glass of gin ».


«We are in constantly observation, looking for punk fanzines, photographers, documentals, films, art books, rare and kinky objects; then… we use this to create collages and stills that inspire the collection.»

Who are the MM users?

People with a mess soul.

We love your aesthetics. Where you find all this inspiration?

In the early and dark 80’s, seeing Araki’s or Rodin’s books and listening siouxsie and the banshees.

How you can describe your style?

A Mess haha, always ready to dance :). Anyway, for the social media and our visual platforms we are very careful about our contents, we want to create and show a project with identity. Mess its not only clothes, is a honest and sentimental way of live.

Everything happens for a reason?

Yes, almost 2 years ago, in a trip, we listening a Joy Division’s tribute we decided to make it happened and here we are. 

Beyond the social media power, there is always a time when you try to find yourself and for us Maison Mess is one way of showing something that evokes the past and try to see the future as a constant present. Social Media its just a useful tool to show to more people who you are. It’s difficult make a business success, that’s true, but you just have to believe in yourself and make it real, no matter what Mark Zuckerberg saids.

What’s next for MM?

We are living our first year, all is new and exciting. Right now we are working in our next collection, a label for men and summer items. Also for our first anniversary we want to create a beautiful fanzine and a messy party… so… come to dance with us :).

DNA colors… Black    Red – White

Your favorite muse… a mix between Patti Smith and Siouxsie

Style crush… Balenciaga with Demna Gvasalia

What are you listening while you are creating … Xeno & Oaclander

Must watch movie… Permanent Vacation

Shameful secret love … maybe is not shameful but we have a 70’s porn films collection.



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this is an exclusive editorial made by the Maison Mess team for YokoMag. Enjoy!