– summer land –

Freelife by Mariano Arias Surfboard / Swimwear, Complaint / Ring with rhinestone star / Fahoma String and acrylic necklace, Perfect Dragons

Visera, Lacoste /Hoops with blue stone Fahoma / Body draped, Nous Etudions / Elasticated stone ring, Fahoma / Sports Watch, Rip Curl / About embroidered leather, Maria Castex

Sweat, Rip Curl / Top Bikini, Rip Curl

Sunglasses, Infinit / Sweat, Rip Curl / Top Bikini, Rip Curl / Necklace flowers, Las Pepas / Skirt-Pantalón, Basilotta / Sandals, Valdez


Photographers: Fer Casarramona  & Nico Vera
Ph Assistant: Adolfo Llorente

Styling: Anita Nava Styling Assistant: Agustin Mosca
Make up: Federico O’neill  for JC Agency  with products Maybeline
Hair: Jesy Baez for JC Agency with products Alfa Parf Milano
Nail Art: Rosarito
Model: Mica Murua
Retouch: Florencia Campelo
Location: 742 Studio @ Buenos Aires, Argentina